Resume and Job Hunting

Outlander Marketing provides a comprehensive job hunting and personal marketing package tailored to your needs.

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus on the job market – Outlander Marketing will be providing these services for free to low income individuals impacted by recent layoffs.

Cover Letter and Resume

We assist you in taking your resume and cover letter to the next level, with custom layouts, aesthetic design, and professional proofing.

Personal Website

We create a custom resume styled website that showcases your skills and experience. We utilize job photos, videos, experience and example work.

For Professionals seeking salaries over $50k

We go over your LinkedIn account and ensure that it is up to date and professional, links to your new website, and a web friendly version of your resume.

We provide custom business cards that have your contact information and information for your website and to your LinkedIn account.

We select businesses in your area that match your job criteria and send out resume emails on your behalf to potential employers. We target local businesses with clean and professional personal advertising.

we don’t get paid until you get a job:

When you do, our charge is a flat 3% of your annual income. For ease of payment we spread this over a period of 12 monthly payments, leaving you with 97% of your income for the first year.

For reference, most headhunters will charge companies approximately 20% of your annual income, effectively cutting out a huge chunk of the job market – with our model the employer pays nothing.


Employment Guarantee

If you lose your job or quit within the first year (for any reason) we will update your content and restart everything at no extra cost. Deferring any remaining payments until you start your new job.