How We Build Your Website

At Outlander we utilize a customer-centered web development process

Initial Consultation

The first step in the process is to meet on site and discuss what you would like in your website. We discuss layout options and color schemes that would fit well with your particular business model, along with the general feel that you want to portray.

Photography and Video

While onsite for the initial consultation, we take pictures of your business and employees, as well as any video footage needed. We discuss content and products and discuss who will be providing written content, as well as any extras or custom work you would like done.

Web Design

Once we have written page content, we begin site construction.

Photo Editing

All photos are meticulously selected and digitally enhanced or edited as required. With two professional photographers on staff you can be sure that photos will be of the highest quality.

Video Editing

Video clips will be cropped, trimmed and enhanced to provide a smooth background landing video or product video (graphics and extended video production are available on request.

Website Layout

The website is laid out and components are animated. We confirm that the layout will work on a tablet and on a phone.

Final Construction

The photos, video, and written content are integrated into the layout structure. The entire site is triple checked, updated, and published to the web.

Client Draft

With the site online and ready for review, you have the freedom to make edits and changes to the design and content:


Color changes or color scheme changes.

Edits to wording, language, fonts, and layout.

Structural changes, moving segments, and adding links.

Photo editing and custom Photoshop work.

Final Product

The website is up and you are happy with it.

We provide you with a thumb drive containing:

  • All your photographs and video
  • All written content
  • A physical backup of your entire WordPress site

Our continued support options include monthly edits and worry-free domain hosting. For as long as you are with us, we will provide the very best of service.