About Us

Outlander Marketing is a full-service web design and marketing company
 Alex Kaehler

Web Development

With five years of web and graphic design experience, Alex is a master at developing a clean and cohesive visual design for our websites. He brings a sharp eye for color and design to his work at Outlander, ensuring that each project meets a high standard of excellence.

Alex is a technical whiz who’s not afraid of terms like “Cascading Style Sheet” or “Document Object Model.” He’s been taking computers apart and putting them back together since he was a kid, and is ready for any coding challenge.

He also has a background in marketing and customer service with a local high-end manufacturing company, working with social media, photography, product videos and marketing materials.

Visit www.alexkaehler.com

Joel Kaehler

Graphic Design and Videography

With a passion for graphic design and motion graphics, Joel has spent the past 4 years immersed in the field of Videography and Marketing design. He completed the Advanced Video Production program at Bellevue College and has been working in the field of videography ever since.

Joel has worked with Environment Control South Sound, producing both internal videos and public marketing content. He has also produced videos at Best Made Videos, a Seattle video production company that provides award winning event and corporate video services to local and national businesses.

As Outlander’s resident video and graphics expert, Joel ensures that all of our marketing and web content meets the highest quality standards. With top-notch video production skills, Joel is able to provide an immense amount of value to our clients that need marketing and advertising materials, providing professional quality ads, interviews, and informational videos.

See his video work at: www.joelkaehler.com

Jonathan Brighton


As the CFO of multiple startups, Jonathan is uniquely qualified to handle the financial and licensing aspects of starting and running a business. He has extensive experience with small business financial management, operating analytics, documentation, licensing, and taxes.

Jonathan has six years of startup experience. He has worked as a small business consultant for a variety of clients ranging from manufacturing to construction. He also has a real estate license and experience with property management and operational finance.

As the CFO of Outlander marketing, Jonathan is working to expand his Portfolio of startups and business influence.